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Slam Tour Incentives

"To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything"

"Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe"

All began 30 years ago, when we was young and didn't understand the beauty of Sicily. Goethe, Sciascia and other great writers helped and lead us towards what is today our way to welcome and guide the travellers discovering this amazing island.


The words of these authors pushed we over, bringing our ideas in the next step, where travel is not a static glance at places, things and people, but a fulfilled experience into the incredible beauty of Sicily.


So, like a little universe, the meaning of traveling expanded, and as moderns Virgilio, we began to guide people, came from every part of the world, to discover the hidden Sicily treasures snubbed by classical tours. And between ancient temples, preistoric caves, volcanoes peaks, rivers, forests, wine and laughings, we gave at every single traveller the real dimension of this island, that is not just a place of sea and beaches, but a kaleidoscope of cultures, colors and scents. So it was born our idea of travel in Sicily, that we call "Slow Travel Experience".

A woman with a deep knowledge of sicilian culture, tireless tour guide. She keeps the wonderful secrets and the history of this ancient island.

Giovanna, The Boss

Strong organizational skills, nature lover and devoted priestess of the Poseidon god.

Manuela, Manager

She is the young spirit of the team. She prefers contact with nature and always looking for the latest trends of adventure tourism

Lucia, Explorer 2.0

The mathematical mind of the team, without her we would be submerged under a mountain of numbers.

Maria, Accountant

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